You Won’t Believe What This Cardboard Box Can Transform Into

Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk for hours exposes you to unprecedented health risks. The realization of this problem has led to the invention and popularity of standing desks. ‘Refold’ has created a new kind of desk that is portable and aims at bringing awareness about environment. It is created with cardboard and allows for workforce mobility.Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk2

The Refold’s cardboard standing desk is not the first of its type. There have been other designs, however, the reason why Refold design is unique is because of the fact that it is available in varying heights and can be transformed into a carry case for ease in transportation.Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk4

The desk has been created from recyclable cardboard, 7mm twin-cushion kraft and weighs 6.5 kg. It is available in three sizes of small, medium and large that measure heights of 39 inches, 41 inches and 43 inches respectively. Recommended heights of users for these sizes are 63 inches, 63-73 inches and 73 inches or above respectively.Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk5 Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk7 Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk6 Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk

The design is composed of four basic pieces (a total of 6) and, according to Refold, the desk can be put together in less than 2 minutes while no tape or glue is required to get it into shape. Upon requirement, the desk can be folded flat into a carry case which can be then carried via the handle. The result is somewhat similar to a portfolio by an artist when it comes to size and shape.
Refold's Cardboard Standing Desk3

Fundraising campaign is being carried out to collect funds where a pledge of $126 will ensure a unit. The company has collaborated with UNICEF, which renders it possible to make a pledge for units to be sent to a school in Pacific Islands.

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    creo que este tipo de ingenieria y diseño deberia llegar a todos los estratos sociales por ser buena bonita y barata ademas de reciclable…

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