Drunk Drivers Will Now Be Spotted By This Innovative Sensor Fixed In The Car Seat

Sensor Can Detect if Driver is Drunk – Smart Car Seat

Say hello to a new sensor that can be incorporated into car seats and will be able to identify if a driver is drunk or intoxicated. The sensor has been created by a team of researchers from University of Tokyo and Hiroshima University in Japan while collaborating with Delta Tooling. The gadget can also tell if the driver is getting drowsy while driving.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sensor can also be installed in a patient’s bed and shall be able to notify if the pulse is abnormal or if the patient undergoes a heart attack. As far as the sensor’s functioning is concerned, it makes use of the built-in microphone, capable of detecting vibration and sound being produced by the cardiovascular system of the user in question. A foamy fabric makes it easier to be fixed into a seat or bed without causing discomfort to the user.Sensor Can Detect if Driver is Drunk – Smart Car Seat

The gadget basically registers the aortic pulse wave, which is a mix of vibration and sound caused by the cardiovascular system and originates on the skin. It is able to pick up this mix without registering any background noise interference and this allows the sensor to then process and ascertain if the driver’s ‘mix’ is irregular due to heart failure or drug use.Sensor Can Detect if Driver is Drunk – Smart Car Seat2 The technology will also prevent accidents from taking place due to a heart attack while driving.


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  1. Tom Reply

    Why not have the sensor on the steering wheel? It would be able to detect how much alcohol is in a person’s system through their sweaty palms

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