Japanese Company Releases A Chair That Hugs You While You Sit On It


‘Hug it out’ is a phrase that we all hear every now and then. It has quite a literal meaning when you consider the fact that hugging does make the other person feel incredibly great. However, there are times when you really need a hug but there isn’t anyone around, quite a bummer, no? Well, don’t get so down if you can’t get a hug for here is a chair from Japan that hugs you. Yes, you read it right!The Chair that Hugs You 6 JAPAN-HEALTH-ELDERLY-INNOVATION

The chair is known as ‘tranquility chair’ and has a back in the shape of a huge human doll adorning a friendly face and lengthy arms capable of embracing the user sitting on the chair in a lovely hug. It has been created by a Japanese company known as UniCare and is being sold for a price of $419 at the International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition being held at Tokyo. A spokesperson from the company said, “It makes you feel safe. Anyone can use it, but it is designed for older people.”JAPAN-HEALTH-ELDERLY-INNOVATION

A quarter of Japan’s population is more than 65 years old and it is speculated that this number will rise to about 40% in the decades to follow, making the tranquility chair quite the product for Japanese market. The company has also created ‘Life Rhythm Dolls,’ which will remind users to take medicine or visit the toilet. The spokesperson said, “They are comforting for people who live alone – they can talk to them and hug them. They also play old Japanese music, which is nostalgic for older people.”The hugging chair The Chair that Hugs You 2

The creation has been inspired from the studies carried out by Professor Hidetata Sasaki and shall work to facilitate patients suffering from dementia or anxiety, fear and uncontrollable anger by relaxing them.

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