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With The iPhone 6, Did Apple Just Introduce Something That Samsung Did Years Ago?

Apple – the giant of the tech industry – was considered the trend-setter in smartphones for a long time. Lately, Samsung has earned the reputation of being the new leader after years of struggle. The tech world is speeding up and even a company like Apple is finding it hard to find its feet. At Apple’s recent event on September 9th, they unveiled the iPhone 6 along with iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

Ron Amadeo, an editor at Ars Technica, pointed out on Twitter that iPhone 6 is just a competitor for LG Google Nexus 4 from 2012. The image he posted revealed many features which are still missing from the iPhone 6 but are present in the competing device.

As the picture shows, it appears in the device’s specification that almost-two-year-old Google’s device is just as good if not better than Apple’s latest revealing. Both smartphones feature 4.7-inch screens, NFC payments, widgets, 3rd party keyboards and cross-app communication. These specifications have been around on Google’s phones for the past few years and are being introduced now on Apple devices.

“That said, there are of course plenty of things that the latest iPhone sports and the Nexus 4 couldn’t even dream of. There’s Touch ID, which is still probably the best-executed fingerprint recognition in a smartphone, an extremely thin and sturdy build and a curved-edge hardened glass screen, and its camera is notably in a completely different league. Oh, and the iPhone 6 packs a suite of health features that take advantage of the sensors in Apple’s M8 chip,” Steven Hall wrote on 9to5Google.

“I think it’s plainly obvious that the iPhone 6 is a far better phone (especially considering how well Apple has executed every aspect of its ecosystem), but it’s still interesting to see the phones compared side by side. At this point, Apple could probably do a little better in terms of straight specs. I mean, the OnePlus One is less than half the price of the iPhone 6 and it has much more theoretical power in terms of processor, RAM, and screen resolution.”

Chris Matyszczyk of Cnet said, “Apple is rarely the first with anything. It ponders longer and harder about what it wants to market. It considers details a little more deeply. And it has a ready-made audience of the relatively moneyed that buys into its essential ethos, not merely into any specific product.”

He even added,“Apple’s loyalists are exceptionally forgiving because they believe that Apple does, indeed, add things to their life. (Including, of course, a chest-puffing sense of self-worth.) So even if the Nexus 4 was ahead of its time, what did it matter? Not too much, it seems.”

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