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There Is A Hidden Map In Your iPhone That Keeps Track of Everywhere You’ve Been

iPhone location

So, it seems Apple is also in the business of stalking people and tagging their frequent locations. But, the company is adamant about the fact that the data is stored only in the iPhone itself, and it is used to make the working of traffic routing apps and other metadata services easier and efficient. Yeah right, like there is no way that data can be snooped and used for invading our privacy. Here is how you take a look at your travel data and frequent stops:

The amount of detail is staggering as it even records how much time you spend at a particular place. Apple knew that there would be a public uproar against the feature, so it has come up with a smart “clean slate” option that clears your GPS history on the map and now you’ve disappeared from the grid. If only this was the end of that! It definitely smells fishy, and prying people can snoop your data with the right tools.