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LG’s New flagship 4K OLED TV Is As Thin As A Credit Card


Samsung has undoubtedly ruled the roost when it comes to OLED televisions, it seems like now they might have some competition to fend off. The LG Signature 4K OLED W series is in town, and it’s flashy features and unique design are sure to blow your brains out!

Pic Credits: theverge

The W stands for wallpaper, which is an apt name of its super slim outlook. How slim? Well, the screen itself is a 4K HDR OLED panel and measures just 2.57-millimeters thick. Yes, you read it right, it’s that thin!

Pic Credits: theverge

This “picture-on-wall” design also weighs just the 17 pounds (for the 65-inch version), so it’s super light as well. The technology comes in two parts: the main display and a Dolby Atmos soundbar below it. That soundbar also entails TV’s primary hardware and HDMI inputs.

Pic Credits: theverge

The main upgrade from LG’s last top end technology is that the LG 4K OLED W will be brighter and having better contrast schemes. The technology supports all kinds of HDR video from HDR10, Dolby Visionto HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). The screen doesn’t support a holding frame, though, and your only option is to hang it on a wall.

The 65-inch Signature OLED W will start shipping in February, and we can expect is to arrive in stores by March. LG hasn’t revealed the price, but we can bet that it will be super expensive. So while it might be as thin as your credit card, it will most probably cost more than the money in it.