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10 Secrets About iPhone 6 That Only A Few People Know

So, Apple has finally revealed the much anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. We already covered the revealing of these smartphones, but decided to make a list of features that are being offered by Apple for you all. Go through the list and let us know which one is your favourite.

10. Slow Motion Video Recording – Captures 240 Frames/Sec

9. Hidden Cost For iPhone 6 Ownership

The purchase price of the iPhone is technically speaking only a fraction of the cost of ownership. The cost also covers the contract pricing while also catering to the replacement of the iPhone accessories and peripherals.

8. Supports The Newest OS Version – iOS 8

Well, this comes as a no surprise but we thought you should know this; the latest iPhone supports iOS 8. The latest iOS supports features such as starting a message on iPhone and completing it on iPad.

7. iPhone 6 and An Apple Watch

Not really a surprise, but hey you can pair the Apple watch with your iPhone and be able to take phone calls and messages along with a myriad of other options on your smartwatch.

6. Apple Pay – Make Payments At A Retailer Using Captured Card Image

The Apple Pay feature introduced by Apple is the latest thing in market. It comes with the possibility for the user to take image of the card and then use this to make payments to the retailer.

5. Retina HD Display Screen Uses Metal 3D Gaming Development Software

Get ready for a whooping gaming experience on your new iPhone 6 that will be fully making use of the iPhone’s A8 chip.

4. Wi-Fi Calling

The new iPhone will allow the users to make high quality voice calls by making use of LTE and also Wi-Fi calling while also allowing the users to brows, stream content and download way faster.

3. iSight Camera – Focus Pixels For Faster Auto-Focus

The camera is more than an improvement; it is capable of capturing 80% more light all thanks to the new sensors that have been installed. This time around, the iSight camera has also incorporated the focus pixels to enhance the photograph quality.

2. Horizontal Display For Home Screen

1. Reachability Gesture – Comfort with Large Screens

You’d have noticed that there are two kinds of people; those who love the large screens and those who hate it because of the fact that you can’t reach easily for far areas of screen. Keeping this in mind, Apple has introduced the ‘Reachability Gesture’ that allows the users to reduce the application size in order to navigate it easily. In order to activate it during an app, simply double tap the home button.