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iPhone 7 Encased In Gold With Trump’s Face Being Sold In Dubai For $151000


Pic Credits: odditycentral

The game of vanity knows no bound for the customers of Goldgenie, a luxury goods company which has made its name for gold-plating almost anything for their uber rich clientele.

And now they are back with a $151,000 phone, which oddly enough is Donald Trump-themed iPhone 7 and is made out of solid 24K gold. The phone is also encrusted with diamonds, and believe it or not they already have five orders placed!

Pic Credits: odditycentral

The Goldgenie company operates from Sharjah, a city near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Started in 1989 in London, it has a massive Arab client base. They have also opened shops in Qatar and South Arabia.

The company thought of this idea when the design was specifically requested by a Chinese client last month. Managing director of Goldgenie, Frank Fernando, has refused to identify the customer by name. But he did say that the client, a woman, wants to gift the phone to Trump after his inauguration.

Goldgenie liked the idea so much that they decided to make it available for all their customers.

Pic Credits: odditycentral

Besides the orders for the phone, Emirates 24/7 reports that the company has also been receiving several inquiries from people questioning the phone’s specs, and especially the question of whether they can have their own face engraved instead of Trump’s.

Besides the phone being the result of company’s team of artisans spending 180 man hours on the iPhone 7, the device also comes with military grade encryption and allows private calls.

And while the sum of $151,000 may sound insane to us, it might be so because the products are designed only for people who are: “very wealthy, high-net-worth individuals for whom it is very difficult to buy gifts because they have everything.”

Pic Credits: odditycentral

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