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This Washing Machine Shaped Like A Wheel Cleans Your Clothes While You Run In It

Are you one of those people who need a nudge or maybe a little more than that to go to the gym every day? What if the gym was brought to you at the comfort of your home? Well at least a part of it. And that too coupled with a dose of motivation that you always seem to be looking around for.

At this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition, the theme of which was The Home of Tomorrow, Si Hyeong Ryu, a graduate in product design from Samsung Art and Design School and now a freelance designer, presented the concept of the Wheel washing machine and treadmill.

Ryu presented the concept of a human sized hamster-style wheel that is equipped with device to capture kinetic energy from the running movements of the person on the wheel, and uses this to power other home appliances.

It uses this kinetic energy harnessed from the human motion to power built-in washers, to churn water and wash clothes while providing the user with the information he needs on a display.

‘Wheel is a crossover between gym bike and washing machine by using human kinetic power to save electricity and our nature,’ said Ryu.

Ryu further suggested that the power generated from the spinning motion of the wheel can be used to wash clothes while the unused power can be saved as electricity for future purposes.

The details of Ryu’s concept also feature equipping the canisters with washing balls, designed to not only shorten the washing time but also to save water during the process.

To make it more user friendly and to give the user a better workout experience, the Wheel has a flexible display, which gives you ‘a visual experience’. This means it can display films or music videos as well.

The Wheel could also be equipped with Solar panels in case the treadmill is not being used. These will absorb the solar energy from daylight to power the machine.

The machine could come with a lot of variations as Ryu suggested but the point remains that “The Home of Tomorrow” should definitely have one of these.

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