LG Has Unveiled Its Biggest And Smallest Ever OLED TVs At CES 2022

The new year always brings a bunch of new innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. In the world in which we dwell, there is cutthroat competition between corporations to develop the most cutting-edge technology. LG is no novice in introducing new features for its users in its gadgets. This year, 2022, the company is planning on adding new screen sizes, ratcheting up the brightness (again) on the G series, and bringing some additional features — like multiuser profiles — to the webOS software that runs on its TVs.

The A9 processor is already on its 5th generation. LG is optimistic that the TVs will have better 4K upscaling, enhanced tone mapping, and a greater sense of depth through foreground object enhancement. This year the Evo OLED panel will be featured in the G2 and the more common variant, the C2. Although G2 will have an edge as it would deliver higher peak brightness with the help of brightness booster algorithms. Nonetheless, the C2 is bound to perform better than the CX, which was launched a couple of years back.  

LG has also hinted at using a composite fiber material in its newer versions of TVs. This is set to make the TVs extremely light but at the same time extremely fragile. However, the upside is that the mounting and unboxing experiences will be easier than ever before.

In addition to the new materials being used to build these screens, what else is new is the sizes at which these TVs will be introduced. The C series, whose smallest variant previously was 48 inches, will be now available in 42 inches as well, giving small bedrooms, offices, or gamers in tight spaces a chance to experience the best device available in the restricted space they have. Having said that, behold, the biggest TV in the G series was previously an 88 inches 4K screen, which has now been replaced with a gigantic 97-inch 4K model.

LG also promises a feature called “room to room share” that will be able to “temporarily” send the feed from one TV to another in a different room. Supposedly, room to room share won’t roll out until after the TVs ship, so there aren’t many details right now. Last is a new-for-2022 “Always Ready” mode that, when the TV is off, “transforms the screen into a digital canvas for showcasing artwork, keeping track of time, or playing music.”

In addition, LG also promises a ton of exciting features. The room-to-room shares and its WebOS 22 are the ones to watch. In-room-to-room sharing, you’d be able to change channels and do other actions in this mode on a device in another room. But, alas, this feature won’t be fully functional until the complete line rolls out to the customers, so can’t say much about it. However, WebOS 22 is a little more straightforward than its predecessors. Support for multiple user profiles, with each person getting their own personalized recommendations and the freedom to customize the home screen to their liking.

The exact price of these models will be announced later when they near the launch date. But let’s just say that the company has done enough this year to remain a reference point in the world of OLED TVs and would continue to be the go-to-OLED TV brand that provides premium services and does not bear a through-the-roof price tag as other brands do.

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