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This Monster NiteCore Flashlight Unleashes Powerful Beams of 3800 Lumens Where You Want

Nitecore little monster2

Dubbed as the smallest 3800-lumen flashlight in the world, this new handheld flashlight from Nightcore’s Tiny Monster series more than justifies its boastful name. The flashlight is five inches long, has a solid body and is incredibly bright. There is probably no other flashlight this small that can claim to be brighter than the little monster TM06.

The compact design measures just 2 x 4.9 inches thus making it one of the few strong flashlights that can fill your pockets so you won’t have to hold them all the time. The 3800 lumens worth of illumination is serious business indeed, and it will come in extremely handy when you’re fixing the car or going through the woods at night. Even if you’re not doing something this extreme, it is a very handy light-source to have around you.

It has four CREE XM-L2 LEDs to provide the blinding beam of light. It also takes advantage of an advanced temperature technology to keep producing high-energy beams of light without overheating the equipment, unlike other flashlights. The main housing is a hard-anodized Aluminium alloy case with a glass cover that is quite comfortable to handle and doesn’t crack even when dropped from considerable heights.

A patented two-stage switch allows you to change the light, and there are eight different lighting modes available for use. There is also an integrated battery indicator that helps us keep track of the battery power and voltage. The maximum 3800-lumen mode isn’t supposed to be used for extended periods as the battery can only sustain 45 minutes on this setting. So, that mode should only be used sparingly, like if a situation arises or you want to show off its power to your friends! Plus don’t go poking around wildlife with this kind of light. It might result in a dangerous retaliation from the stricken animal! The Nitecore Tiny Monster TM06 is available for 199.95 $. It’s a little expensive so would you buy it for all the power it brings to the table? You can get one here. Also check out our selection of 10 Best Flashlights here.