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New Intake Breathing System Helps You Breathe More Efficiently

When you are competitive on a professional level, then it is that little edge that you are looking for, right? A lot of time and money that is put into the training is aimed at gaining that little edge over your competitor. This becomes especially true if you are talking about sports and Intake is here to provide you with that edge.

Intake is a start-up based in Santa Barbara, California and is aimed at facilitating with nose breathing. The company already has six patents that have been issued while nine more patents are pending. The amazing product Intake is already available for presale and is being touted as the world’s first magnetic nasal band that helps in opening up the nasal passageways to their maximum possible capacity. This enables users to experience deep breathing as they have never before.

During training and competing, the heart rate of a person increases. Intake works by enabling you to breathe through your nose while managing an elevated heart rate. This helps with the physiological process that allows a human body to develop strength while increasing its resilience even during the most challenging training sessions.

You would be right in thinking that this appears to be too small of a change to make a difference. However, don’t be fooled by the magnitude of the change. Nose breathing has a plethora of benefits. Efficient breathing carried out naturally is the best way to achieve optimal performance regardless of what kind of activity you are performing. 

Furthermore, Intake is not just any other nasal strip. It will remain in place no matter what you are going through. Sweat, mud, snow, water, rain, and even tears won’t budge it. What makes it even more appealing is the ease of use. You simply need to clean the sides of your nose by using an alcohol wipe for taking away any oils or dirt from your skin. Then you will make use of the applicator for applying adhesive tab to each side right above the pinch point. In the end, you will apply Intake band over the nose, and the magnetic end of the band will affix to the tabs for opening up the passageways.

Breathing through your nose is much more efficient as opposed to breathing through your mouth. When you breathe through the nose, oxygen is provided to all five lobes of the lungs as opposed to only two uppermost lobes when you breathe via the mouth. What do you think about this amazing invention?