Guy Mounts A GoPro Inside a Toyota Supra’s Intake To Show How Wild It Gets Inside Your Engine

The engines that run our cars are complex structures; whenever we have a look at them from the outside, it gets us a bit confused and leaves us curious as to what part is doing what. Imagine what the engine looks like from inside, and that too while its revving and aggressively spinning the car.

People have been putting efforts into such demonstrations via infographics and old-school animations. Still, they might not be enough for us to understand the complex functionalities of whats happening inside; that’s where the Warped Perception comes to play!

The guy at the famous car enthusiast Youtube channel who is always a bit more curious than others with relevance to the motors in our cars installs a GoPro camera in his MK4 Toyota Supra’s intake manifold, and what happens inside is fascinating to watch!

The way the air and the gasoline interact inside the intake shows us how some parts play a significant role in boosting the performance of our car while simultaneously making it more fuel-efficient.

He prepared custom support for the GoPro so that it can take some shots, which were not possible with standard equipment given the inside heat. The GoPro looks directly towards the four cylinders, which demonstrate how the valves and the car intake play their respective roles.

The guy at Warped perception recently placed a GoPro camera inside of the car tire to see how they manage to take the bumps and pots while running on the road. Watch this experiment, which is equally exciting and kills our curiosity about what’s happening inside a Supra’s intake while the guy revs it to its limits!

Inside Of A Toyota Supra’s Intake While Revving To Its Limits

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