Fake Wood Found In Tesla Cooling System, Raises Questions On Its Built Quality

The secrets behind Tesla’s massive achievements and success are now starting to unveil. Tesla has been rated as the world’s most valuable car company in 2020, and there couldn’t be any more significant achievement than this.

However, some recent threads on Tesla Motors Club as well on Reddit tell a different story. Tesla Model Y Users have highlighted an issue relevant to the built quality of the renowned electric autonomous vehicle. They have found pieces of what looks like wood that is there to patch and hold the cooling system under the dash.

The issue called in the involvement of ‘The Drive,’ and after looking into the matter, they stated that not every model Y has the same Faux wood trims to hold the inner cooling panel. Tesla Motors Club website also was of the same view, their statement said, “Someone made a run to Home Depot to make Q2 numbers.”

The image posted on the forum shows the cooling system without its frunk plastics. Another thing the poster noted was that a bright green tape was sticking down the inner unit of the cooling system as well, raising another concern on the built-quality.

The post got a lot of attention and hence making other model Y owners post the picture of the same spot of their respective cars. The silver box that is framed with the help of wood look-alike matter and green tape is the inner cooling system that is Liquid Cooled Condenser.

Seemingly, the function of the piece of wood is to remove some strain off of that strap, which is holding the metal liquid-cooled condenser. We do hope that Tesla never uses similar pieces of wood to attach the tires with that of the car’s frame.

Tesla’s autopilot feature has eased a lot of people with their driving routines; however, it is a lot controversial as well after appearing of numerous autopilot activated crash stories. What could be the next news on Tesla? The car broke down in two as the wood connected the front and rear aged?

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