23 Year Old Student Builds His Own Crazy Bat Mobile

A young Vietnamese fan of the Dark Knight spent 10 months and over $20,000 building his own Batmobile.

Twenty-three years old, Nguyen Dac Chung is an architecture student from Hanoi and had always dreamed of driving his very own car. The symbolic Batmobile shown in ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy was still his favorite, and last year he decided to turn his dream car into a reality.

The home-made Batmobile is a four-cylinder, 400cc engine and can reach a top speed of 100 km/h. The suspension system consists of 4 front shock absorbers and two rear shock absorbers, & the car spoiler can be adjusted through an electric system.

Unlike the movie version of the Batmobile, this symbolic mobile doesn’t use a jet engine exhaust but does retain the symbolic shape of the original. For functional purposes, it has a motorcycle exhaust installed.

The interior of the Batmobile has enough room to accommodate two people with ease. However, Chung admits that he still has lots of work to do on the interior, especially the lighting, & said that his vehicle is still a work in progress.

To build his dream car, he used both local parts but also imported parts from the US and South Korea. The tires, for example, could only be found in the U.S.

Apart from studying architecture, Dac is also an entrepreneur (he manages his own production house) and uses his profit from the business to finance his Batmobile project.

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