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Power8 Is A New Power Tool Set That Packs The Complete Workshop In One Box

It is a very nifty power set that has taken the world by storm. Using an innovative design and wireless functionality, it allows all the necessary tools to fit in a compact case while offering twice functionality on the go. Power8 is a DIY enthusiast’s perfect armory, and only he can appreciate its brilliance. There is a set of different tools that can be attached to the same wireless base that is a lot more neat and organized.

It has two brilliant modes for better utilization. One is the standard case mode that is suitable for carrying it around and being stored in the garage. The other configuration is different as it transforms into a workbench that can hold all the hand-held tools to give them increased stability.

The base of the toolkit is a power wireless base that supplies electricity to all the tools present inside the box like a circular saw, flashlight, jigsaw and a drill. Just like any quality workbench, all of these tools come along and form a series of benchtop tools that are easy to get hold and off and use while working. They easily snap into place perfectly, and each of them has separate mechanisms to prevent tool injuries. This means that it won’t be left insecure in the box, and you can just forget about it after placing the tool in the kit.

Charging is the easiest part as you can just plug the main input of the tool case in and just wait for an hour or so as the tools get charged. This is such a useful feature of the product as previously we had to charge each and every instrument separately while looking for enough terminals and all those God damn wires lying here and there. By promoting a wireless experience, simple hurdles in home-based workshops have been eliminated paving the way for an easier and satisfying experience.
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