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SanDisk Unveils A Portable 8TB SSD Drive

Good news for all the traveling photographers around, now you can carry your entire libraries, with this portable gadget in your pocket! Its size is so handy that you can easily move around with it. Even if you’re a video professional, this super high capacity device is designed for you.

SanDisk’s prototype 8TB external SSD

As in present, you can feasibly get the 2tb SSD, running at 550 Mbps but guess what? This dream device is promising speed of 20 Gbps, and that’s beyond superfast indeed!

The owners declare it to be offering the highest capacity to date. As yet, they haven’t announced the date of sale or any disclosure of price as well. Cracking half of the news will surely give all photo-freaks a stomachache. To add patience to the customers, the company has also launched a 1TB thumb-drive, referred to as ‘Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C’ that you can connect with your smartphones and laptops. It also works with standard USB-A devices. The cost for the latter one is $250, and the date of availability is somewhere within the first quarter of the 2020s. It’s also an addition to the gaming PC world and enables a cloud-connected photo backup for home too. If you have a relatively casual use, you can go for the 32GB, 256GB or the 512GB ones at a relatively lower price.

Ultra Dual Drive USB

The show-off of this wonder-device has left many hearts beating and they have begun the countdown already. As per the expectations, it might take a while to get these SSDs readily available, as right now, the 4TB ones are also quite a few.

As per prior experience with the company, they usually make durable devices that are affordable and in range for many. The same expectations are associated with this future-holder, as it shall be easing the lives of many professionals who need to carry a huge amount of data remotely. Its size, though slightly bigger than the previous ones, is still convenient for day-to-day travel purposes.

With the data getting bigger each day, such technological advancements have become unavoidable. It’s satisfying to see these service providers that they are keeping the need of their customers a priority and developing their R&D departments with each clock strike. The race is never-ending and this gadget shall prove to be opening up doors for similar ideas. The two things that attract the users are size and cost that comes along with each milestone achieved. Though, compromise on one has to be made each time!

Portable device with convenient size
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