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Why Throw Them Away When You Can Make These 17 Cool Things Out Of Old Light bulbs

What do you do with the light bulbs when they stop working? Chances are you just throw them away. However, don’t you think there’s more to them than just lighting up your room? They do have an excellent shape with a delicate structure, and that is something that we should be able to use, no? Here’s a list of 17 things you can do with light bulbs! Keep in mind though that they are made of glass and proper care should be taken when working with them. Some of these can be done at home while others can be bought. So read on and let us know what you think of the list!

17. Snowman ornaments

16. Tiny snow globes

15. Penguin Ornaments

14. A beaded centerpiece

13. Tree ornaments

12. Holiday wreath

11. Bumblebee decorations

10. Jewelry

9. Oil lamps

8. Spice jars

7. Salt and pepper shakers

6. Vases

5. Mini Vase

4. Enclosed terrarium

3. Aquariums

2. Air plant terrariums

1. Hanging vases

The following video will help you learn how to remove the filament from bulb!