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20 Survival Tips You Will Thank Us Later For

Considering all the movies and TV shows that are being filmed on this concept, we’d say it would be wise to prepare for such events in advance. Which particular events are we talking about? You know, the post-apocalyptic ones – where the world ends and you have to survive all on your own. The following list of amazing survival hacks will help you survive the day. Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

20. Avoid frostbite with baby oil.

19. Conduct a fire with Vaseline.

18. Tell how much daylight is left with your hand.

17. Use salt water to help heal bug bites and itches.

16. Get the most out of leaves.

Leaves can be used as bandages, for insulation, or even as rope.

15. Turn your watch into a compass.

14. Set broken bones with duct tape and toilet paper.

It’s simple; toilet paper needs to be wrapped around the affected area followed by duct tape for ensuring that it stays in its place.

13. Make toothpaste with baking soda.

Baking soda can double up as toothpaste in time of need.

12. Start a fire with Doritos.

11. Catch food with floss.

Floss can be used as a snare for catching fish.

10. Make a fire with steel wool.

You’ll need a 9-volt battery. Hold it close to a steel wool and the electric current shall cause sparks to fly and light it up for you.

9. Craft a makeshift gun with toothpicks.

Toothpicks/darts work fine for this hack; stick them into any spray canister and hope for the best.

8. Create electricity with a lemon and some coins!

Cut two slits in the lemon and place a penny in one and dime in the other. There you go folks, electricity!

7. Use Altoids tins to keep all your supplies safe.

You can store medical supplies or toiletries in them.

6. Turn tin cans into mini stoves.

Make a hole in the bottom and place some sticks there.

5. Protect yourself from blisters with duct tape.

4. Capture drinking water in a plastic sheet.

Lay down the sheet on some grass and wait for condensation to take place. You can drink this water now.

3. Use crayons as candles.

A crayon candle almost last for about 30 minutes.

2. Know how to open a jar without help.

Some duct tape can help you open that thing! The trick may very well save your life one day.

1. Collect walking sticks.

They will come in handy when you’re checking out the wastelands. The trick is to find a straight, big and sturdy branch.