Wonderful Engineering

This Guy Transforms His Old TV Cabinet Into Something That You Will Be Jealous Of

A Reddit user by the name of Perma4 decided to create something from his not so useful-anymore-entertainment-system for the CRT TVs from the 90s. Now that we have slim LEDs, a lot of us have those big media cabinets in the house. Check out what this Redditor did with it before you decide to donate your media cabinet.

The unaltered entertainment system!

He took out the shelves, door and drawers.

Removal of backdoors and top.

He cut the boards to reduce the system’s height.

This is the result after all the cutting so far!

The top elements are being reattached again!

Almost done.

A new glass for the door was bought and the frame was cut down to size!

The project was closed with shelves being built along with LED lights embedded in them!

Are you Ready?

Light-up Bar!!!