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Make A Fully Working Projector Using Your Smartphone With This 3$ Hack

It can become quite a problem when you have a video to show to a large group of people on your mobile phone. Here’s what you can do about it and it will only cost you $3 to do so. All that you need is a cardboard box along with a magnifying glass. Check out how to do this below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

Items that you’ll need are; duct tape, magnifying glass, cardboard box, paper clip, an X-acto/Stanley knife and smartphone.

Trace the magnifying glass on box’s one end.

Use the knife to cut out a hole!

Place the magnifying glass in the hole and have it secured with duct tape.

Create a hole in the back of the box from where you can slide the charger pin in.

Create a stand for your smartphone by making use of the paperclip.

Since the magnifying will have the image appear upside down, you’ll need to rotate the screen of your smartphone.

Set brightness to maximum and place the phone in box. You’ll have to move it around in order to locate the focus point through the glass.

Once the focus point has been located, close the box and position it so that it projects on a blank wall.

Here’s the finished product!