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15 Genius Ways You Can Add More Space To Your Home

Storing items in a home can prove to be far more difficult than it seems at first. The most important factor is the fact that no matter how big a home is, you seem to run out of storage space quite soon. That’s exactly why we have created this list for you; check out these 15 amazing ways to add more space to your home.

15. Add Chains

14. DIY Storage Bench

13. In-the-Wall Hidden Storage

12. Slide-Out Storage

11. Behind-the-Door Storage

10. Lazy Susans Galore

9. Baskets Above Cabinets

8. Under-Cabinet Drawers

7. Open Shelving

6. Shelves and Drawers under Cupboards

5. Tray Divider

4. Behind Closet Door Storage

3. Back-of-Door Shelving

2. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

1. Pegboard Closet Wall