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Here’s How You Can Make A Swimming Pool In Your Backyard With Wooden Pallets

All of us do wish for a pool in the backyard. A place to have fun and beat the heat during summer. Torben Jung decided to do a little bit more than just wish for it. He made use of some recycled and cheap materials for creating a pool for himself. Check out the DIY project and let us know what you think of it.

He began the project by using some old pallets he had come across online along with an instructional video online.

A classic pool shape was achieved

The waterproof lining was the task next in line.

Some more lining.

Siding was imparted to the exterior to achieve a finished look.

Filling of the pool – inauguration!

He also added a pool pump to make sure that water remains clean.

Time to get in and have fun!

As per Jung, the whole project cost only $77. So, are you going to try this or what?

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