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Short Of Money For Holidays, This Couple Turned Their Van Into Most Awesome Camper Ever

Taking a road trip has many perks, however, if not done right it will take its toll on you soon enough. What on earth are we talking about? The constant driving gets to you, the nights you spend in run-down motels and sleeping outside – all of these will get to you eventually. However, with proper planning you can get the most out of a road trip. For instance, this particular couple bought a beat-up cargo van and transformed it into an amazing camper. Read on to find out how they did it!

The beat-up cargo van was first gutted.

Hardwood floors were installed for comfort.

Storage was imparted by installing a bench and some cabinet space.

Kitchen was formed by installing a stovetop.

The bed folds up and down on hinges thus allowing the couple to stash it away during the day.

They also installed solar panels on roof for generating power.

A fridge was a must as well!

A supply of running water came in next.

They imparted more cabinet space for storing clothes and other essentials.

The end result!

Check out this amazing new looking camper created from a cargo van!