You Can Have Your Patio Convert To A Backyard Swimming Pool With A Button Touch


Having a swimming pool in your garden is awesome. Who doesn’t want one? But with great power come great responsibilities and with a swimming pool in your garden come a lot of responsibilities. You need to ensure that children don’t have access to it when they are unsupervised and also have to be careful to keep it clean while coming to terms with the fact that you have sacrificed some space in your garden. However, this amazing hidden swimming pool offers all the fun of swimming minus the responsibilities.

hidden water pools costs



The swimming pool has been built under a beautiful and stable patio. With just a push of a button, the patio lowers into the ground and water fill up to the surface. The depth of the pool can be adjusted as per the owner’s choice. Since the pool’s entrance is covered, you are still able to enjoy the garden area completely. You could, for instance, have the table placed directly on top of where the pool is and dine out without a worry.

Hidden Swimming Pool in Garden costs $2 Million3

The fact that it opens up only when you need to use it means that it will remain cleaner for longer periods of time and you can use it without worrying about leaves or debris falling into it.

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