The Reason Why This Luxury Apartment is Rated Best in the World is Mind Blowing

Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 2

What do you do when you own a sports car and don’t want to park it away from you but you live in an apartment? We present to you the Hamilton Scotts, a luxury apartment building in Singapore. The building offers its residents an amazing feature where they are provided with a garage for two cars built into each apartment. A glass wall is used to separate the living room from garage while allowing the user to get a lovely view of the amazing and expensive rides that user owns.Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 8Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 4

The setup is not complex at all. When the resident enters the building, the car is lead inside the glass elevator shaft after which the elevator rises to the respective apartment and the car is parked within the glass enclosure that can be looked at from the living room. The Hamilton Scotts has a total of 30 floors and comes with more than thousands of square meters of space designated for living. Despite all this, there is no multi-level parking dedicated for the residents. The solution was provided by the team of engineers and architects and we can’t argue with the amazing solution that they proposed.Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 3 Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 2 Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment

According to the CEO KOP Properties, “It’s not just a car park”. KOP Properties is a real estate development firm. This approach is a unique way of incorporating luxury cars as integral part of home décor. The peculiar design will allow owners to display their ‘trophies’ instead of keeping them hidden in the garage. Hamilton Scotts is a first of its kind building to offer such parking system.

Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 7 Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 6 Hamilton Scotts – Park Cars in Apartment 5

The apartment building will also feature a gym, an outdoor pool, jacuzzis, and conference rooms but a single unit will cost you around $9.4-23.5 million. The rent of the apartment also amounts upto $11,000 per month.


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