Here’s How You Can Build A House Using Pallets

Here’s How You Can Build A House Using Pallets 2

Have you used pellets for building something? Maybe a swimming pool or some furniture, right? What if we told you that you can easily build a house using pallets? Sounds amazing, we know and before you question whether it’s feasible or not; it is.Here’s How You Can Build A House Using Pallets

What do you need? A lot of pallets that are, ideally speaking, chemically treated to prevent any insects, fungus and bacteria from damaging them later on.

Floors and walls

The floors and walls can be built quite easily by making use of pallets but you’ll have to make use of some sort of polyurethane varnish in order to impart enhanced strength. You should aim for a resilient and strong base that is capable of insulating the construction from the ground while being able to support the house’s weight. You can take help of concrete to come up with strong floors.Here’s How You Can Build A House Using Pallets 2

The side walls have to be constructed so that they form modules. You should also add some mixture of sand and lime into the pallets’ cavities to ensure that the walls are able to withstand the roof’s weight. The wood planks can be used for covering the walls afterwards before you impart some final touches such as paint and wiring.


It is not recommended to use pallets for roofing since they weigh a lot. Instead, make use of a metal shelter and coverage that is capable of surviving the humidity and weather. You can check out the following video by Jose Farre from DIY Pallet Furniture on how to build a pallet house.

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