Amazing Jet-Powered Snowboard Takes Boarding to a Whole New Level

jet snow board

Jude Gomila, an avid snowboarding enthusiast, had been sick and tired of seeing skiers zoom past him whenever he got his board stuck in the snow. For him, snowboarding is way more fun than skiing but once stuck on zero gradients, movement becomes much more restricted rather than skiers who can use both their feet and the individual skis to their advantage. So, with an engineering mind, he set out to work his way out and blow his competitors out of the water, or snow in this case.

Jude had considerable experience under his belt to start this kind of insane experimenting. There is high voltage and also a high-speed fan involved so it can get pretty dangerous. Here is how you can make one, but remember! At your own risk!

Here is the actual jet-board zooming across the never-ending flat portions of a slope:

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