Shoes Too Tight For Your Feet? Here’s How You Can Stretch Them Using This Simple Hack

shoes stretching DIY

Ever been forced into buying borderline tight shoes just because the retailer said they would “stretch” afterwards? Fear not as we have the perfect solution for you. Remember how water expands when cooled below 4-degree centigrade? Well, we are going to use this anomaly in our favour to stretch our tight shoes. This simple tutorial shows us how we can resize our shoes to our liking with the help of this incredibly simple freezing process.

Please note that it works on all kinds of fabrics used in shoe-making, but you may need to re-apply the technique now and then depending on the type of fabric. Original leather goods may retain their altered shape, but same cannot be said of imitation leather or polyesters, etc. Check out this video to learn how to do it.


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