Here’s How You Can Start A Camp Fire That Lasts Over 14 Hours

This Fire Can Last Over 14 Hours – Campers’ Heaven

What if we told you that the next time you go for camping and start a campfire, you won’t have to get out of the blanket to add another log of wood to the fire to keep it going? What if you were able to use some engineering to your advantage to start a fire that was self-sustaining and could last for a long span of time? Now that’s definitely a thought that’s worth working on, right?

This Fire Can Last Over 14 Hours – Campers’ Heaven 2
What follows is a YouTube video where the guy claims to show a way of building a fire that is capable of lasting for about 14 hours. This sounds amazing but we do have some concerns. According to a report, forest fires are mostly a result of fires that are left unattended and this fire could prove to be one of those fires. However, if you’re planning a campfire while the group sits around to be comfortable and talk then this is the perfect way to go. Just makes sure that you put it out before going to sleep.

Check the video out and let us know what you think about it and what safety measures would you incorporate if you used this technique.

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