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9 Brilliant Hacks That Will Ensure That You Never Lose Your Keys Again

All of us have some stories where we lock the keys inside a house, leave them in the car or just lose them altogether. It happens to almost everyone since keys are small and can be so easily misplaced. But it doesn’t have to be that way all your life. Using a little bit of masking tape, a screwdriver, a spare key, and some ingenuity, you can make your life much easier.  There are nine very cool key hacks that will change the way you manage your keys forever. When you read them, you really wouldn’t want to lose your keys ever again.

Hiding The Key Under a Rock:

Take the spare key of your house or car and affix it under a rock in your yard. To fix it under the rock, use a masking tape. Don’t use glue, as it will not let you detach the key from the rock when it hardens.

Use a Pill Bottle:

This is a little more secure than the simple rock method. Super glue a rock on the top of an old prescription bottle and secure your keys inside it. The bottle will ensure that it doesn’t pick up any dirt or grime while it stays hidden.


Attach Key To Your Car’s License Plate:

Making use of one of the screws to keep it in place, stick the key behind your license plate for extra security. This secret location is one that no one will think to explore.

Take Glue and Colored Strings Out:

If you’re one of those who keeps mixing there keys all the time, this hack will serve you best. Use some glue and colorful strings to make your keys different from each other. Put a little glue and then wind up the string on it. It will look super cute too when complete.

Try Using Nail Polish: If the string is not your thing that nail polish can also do the job for you. Paint your keys in different colors and shapes using the nail polish. You will always pick the right key for the right door.

Use Hand Sanitizer To Unfreeze The Lock:

If your lock gets frozen during winters, here’s what you can do for it. Apply some hand sanitizer before slipping your key into it. The alcohol helps to melt the ice and easily unlocks the frozen locks.

Make Key Holder With LEGOs:

You can make an easy DIY key holder using LEGOs. By putting your keys on the same LEGO board, you will never have to run around looking for them again. It is easy to attach your keys to the LEGO. You can even color code them to know which key is for which lock.

Weigh Down The Curtains:

If you have those lightweight curtains that dangle over an air vent, there are chances that you will be dealing with them to stop them getting blown by the air. If you have an old key that is of no use now, you can attach it to the bottom of the curtains to add weight. It will help keep them straight.

Learn to Make Emergency Spare Key:

You might need a spare key in emergency and the key maker might not be available at that time. Here’s a trick to make your own spare key.