YouTuber Hacks Into His Car Using Laptop

Be aware, trying it on someone else’s car would be illegal, don’t try it, or you can end up in jail.

How does the idea of breaking into your car with a laptop seems? A Youtuber has cracked the perfect hack to do so.

The car he did the experiment hack on was not some modern computerized high tech car, but a simple one that uses a key to open like in conventional cars.

In his video, the Youtuber Steve Mould explains how these unlocking keys work and how a laptop could be an alternative to that if you left the keys inside the car and locked it by mistake. He ultimately unfolds as to why did he go on all the way for this venture.

Interestingly, breaking into a car using this hacking technique is even simpler than it sounds. All you need to do is hide near a car when its owner opens it up with the remote key, copy that binary code to use it later to open the car.

However, the experiment or hacking into a car using this way is dangerous; Mould further explains in the video. He demonstrated on his laptop the dangers of the clickable remote keyless entry comes with.

The Youtuber didn’t miss a step in educating the audience on breaking-opening a car using smart technique rather than using force to do so. Learn more in the video below.

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