See How This Guy Made The Most Amazing Home Entertainment System

DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!

Some people just don’t settle for average and want the best for them. That is the kind of approach that this guy had and led him to transforming his home entertainment system. The amazing guy dumped his old TV and installed a projector screen and totally changed the basement wall into an amazing experience. Read on to find out what and how he did it and let us know what you think of the project.

Projector screen going through a test run.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!

Once the wall was decided, he designed and built the storage cabinet which would house the entertainment system.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!2

Perfect spot for different remotes and consoles that would be connected to projector screen.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!3

He framed out the area on wall where the projector screen would come in.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!4

Once the frame was in place he started working on stonework.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!5 DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!5a

Here’s a detailed look at the stonework.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!6

The finishing touch was given by sanding the wall and adding 2 additional coats of white satin.DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!7

The amazing finished products folks!DIY Entertainment System that Rocks!!!8


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