This Missile Silo Has Been Converted Into A Luxury ‘Survival’ Resort – And It Can House 75 People

A Company in Kansas named Survival Condo has transformed a missile silo into a five-year luxury survival camp for 75 guests.

The Survival Condo is a missile silo turned into a luxurious survival resort located underground in a hidden location in Kansas, United States. This apocalyptic underground building, designed by engineer and software developer Larry Hall, is ‘not for the conventional survival nuts as represented in the media, but rather for prosperous, educated, and well-to-do persons who simply want peace of mind in the event of a natural or manufactured disaster.’

The survival condo has been dubbed an engineering marvel and is housed in one of the most powerful man-made structures ever built, according to Larry: a nuclear hardened bunker with walls as thick as 9 1/2 feet made of epoxy hardened concrete that was built in 1960 to house and protect the Atlas nuclear missiles. Consider this: the entrance door to the building weighs eight tons and is composed of armored steel packed with concrete.

A Converted Missile Silo Can House 75 People for Five Years as a Luxury Survival Resort
Image Source: Survival Condo

Having the size of around 54,000 square feet, it features everything you’ll need to survive the end of the world. The facility spans 15 stories, is 200 feet underground, and can accommodate a maximum of 75 people. Seven of those levels are dedicated to luxury living, with condos featuring three bedrooms and two baths and all the amenities a premium residence might desire. A pet park, climbing wall, school, library, gym, bar, and movie are among the attractions available. A computer-controlled saltwater pool with a water slide and cascade will make you feel like you’re on vacation whenever you want.

The living quarters and amenities at Survival Condo are top-notch, with a 50,000-gallon (almost 230,000-liter) pool and spa area, movie theatre, lounge, fitness facility, indoor shooting range, medical facility, rock climbing wall, and even a dog park for fuzzy apocalyptic friends.

In terms of survival, there is a store where locals may get all of their food needs, including fresh produce. This is due to the availability of an aquaculture system for rearing fish such as salmon, as well as hydroponics for growing organic vegetables, lettuces, and fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Finally, if you want to prepare for a zombie invasion, there is an indoor gun range. So, this can be confidently said that a stay at this fail-safe shelter would be luxurious, and many people would never want to leave.

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