Here’s How You Can Make An Amazing Coffee Machine With Three Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Coffee Machine

There is nothing more intoxicating than a steaming cup of coffee. It warms you up, gets rid of the irritating drowsiness and energizes you to your guts. There are endless ways of brewing the perfect coffee. Some like to mix it by hand; others use standard coffee makers while some crazy people even attempt to work it like flour!

coffee mixer from light bulbs
No matter how many crazy ways you have seen people making coffee, I don’t think you would have ever thought of making a superb coffee maker from three light bulbs, spirit, sandpaper and a dropper. Well, you guessed wrong. This amazing do-it-yourself project will help you make awesome coffee from a cool apparatus. This YouTuber Rulof Maker gives a perfect demonstration of how to achieve of making such a coffee maker. Follow these steps to make your very own coffee production line:

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