Here’s How You Can Start a Fire Quickly With Your Water Bottle


If you’re stuck in a survival situation and you desperately need to start a fire, there are many ways with which you can do it. You can start it with matches or lint if you’re lucky enough to have some. Then there are certain kinds of rocks that emit sparks when rubbed together. But, there is less possibility that they will be around if you are stuck in a situation. The easiest way to light the fire would be to magnify the sunlight intensity and let if fall on some combustible material. Today, we are going to show you how you can achieve that with a water bottle and a piece of paper. You can do it with any kind of water bottle providing its color is transparent because colored bottles absorb some of the intensity.

The first thing you should know is that the piece of paper shouldn’t be all white. The white material reflects light. It needs to be written or printed in some areas, and you should converge the sunlight there. If you only have this plain paper, it would be a good idea to rub some dirt on it. It will also help absorb the radiation and hopefully start a fire.




The bottle’s neck should be smooth. There are many designs in which the neck isn’t smooth. It will be difficult to start a fire if the neck has grooves or any other protruding elements.


When the burning commences, wait for it to reach the size of a coin and when it reaches that milestone, cover it with a secondary layer of paper to increase the magnitude of the fire. Repeat it several times to get a fire big enough to start a campfire for survival.



You can try these cool tricks at home. Don’t worry about the ashes as you should rub them off on the grass. It acts as a great fertilizer (but only in small amounts).


Here is the video for a complete tutorial. Hope you will like it:


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