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Here Are Some Perfect DIY Hacks To Hide The Ugly Router In The Home

How to hide router

How often have you looked at the router sitting atop a table in your living room and moaned about how it does not fit in with the theme of your room?

The router is one of the necessary evils in life. We just cannot think of our lives without the internet and yet the antennae jutting out of the router are such an eye sore! Scroll below to read more about the impressive and ingenious hacks to hide the router box from the view. The best thing about these ideas is that they fit right in with the theme of your room, and no one will be any wise of what the Pandora’s Box holds.

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Old Hardcovers

You can get some old books from a shop dealing in old books, take out the pages and put the router inside.

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You can also show off your creative side by putting the router box inside a box and decorating the box with the spines of the old books.

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Inside a Contemporary Box

Does the idea of using old, ancient book covers not go with the contemporary, stylish décor of your house?

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Opt for a simple, sleek and elegantly styled box to house your modem.

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You can select the colors according to the theme of your room. Don’t forget to add a hole on the backside of the box for the power cables etc. A lid on the top will ensure a beautiful finish to your DIY router box.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are an elegantly stylish way of hiding your router.

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It is also very clean and efficient hack to hide the electronics sitting in the plain sight.

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All you need is to lift the cover off the basket and drop the internet device into the basket.

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Wooden and Radiator Sheet Boxes

Put your basic hammering skills to test and style a box for your router using the radiator sheet. You can also use an old wooden box for the same purpose.

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Share with us how you have employed your creativity to hide your WiFi router.