10 Best Vintage Filament Light Bulbs

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (2)

Though Vintage Filament bulbs are quickly becoming obsolete due to the emergence of energy saving LED bulbs, they are still used for decoration or intense lighting purposes. In fact, the vintage design was so popular that it was also replicated by the means of LED’s. So we have decided to compile a list of 10 best vintage filament bulbs that you buy online or at your hardware store right now.

10. GMY Lighting® Edison Filament Bulb(7.45$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (7)

3.5W bulb that is enclosed in a unique plastic facade. Insulative and safe the bulb provides bright light and is available in a single pack.

Available Here

9. Vintage Antique Bulb 40w(7.25$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (1)

This bulb can run between 110-130 Volts and is rated watts. The bulb supports a unique elongated design and offers 3000 hours of life.

Available Here

8. KINGSO 10 Pack E27(39.99$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (3)

A great value for money buy as you get 10 for 40$. The bulb is great to be put in chandeliers and gives off a bright, warm glow. The product is rated at 60 watts.

Available Here

7. Parrot Uncle Vintage Edison Light Bulb(7.49$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (8)

40-watt bulb has a lifespan of 3000 hours. Weighing less than 0.3 ounces, the bulbs are totally clear and do not have a tint to their glass.

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6. Vintage Edison Light Bulb  by Haining LTD(3.35$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (2)

The bright bulb provides over 400 lumens of light intensity and like most on our list, is rated 40W. Since it has a e26 base, it has a standard fixture for most holders in the USA.

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5. Brillante Edison Vintage Filament Bulbs(25.90$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (5)

Large 60Watt bulbs can light up any living or dining room. Available in a pack of 4, these bulbs have the intensity of almost 600 lumens and roughly have a lifespan of one year.

Available Here

4. Pack of 6 – Rolay® 60 Watt Vintage Edison Light Bulbs(24.89$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (6)

Marconi squirrel cage filament bulbs certainly look unique and can provide over 4000 hours of life span. Rated at 60 watts, the bulb provide a light intensity of just under 400 lumens.

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3. Kiven – Vintage Edison Bulb(7.15$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (10)

2200Kelvin, 230 Lumen light bulb consumes an energy of 60 watts. Though they have low light intensity, the bulbs can last much longer with a rated life span of over 5000 hours.

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2. Vintage Bushwick ST18 Brooklyn Bulb Co. (22$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (4)

Having the dimensions of 2.28″ D x 4.96″ L, the bulbs are bigger than average filament bulbs, but that just adds to the aesthetic appeal of these products. The 40-watt bulb can be used in a variety of applications where dim light intensity might suffice as the bulbs are rated at 120 lumens. 

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1. 4 Pack – 60 watts Vintage Edison Bulb by Hudson Lighting(19.95$)

10 Best Vintage filament light bulbs (9)

The most popular vintage filament bulbs in the market today as they have over 400 customer reviews and an average consumer rating of 4.5/5 stars. A top quality light bulb that can last almost 7000 hours and is rated at 60 watts. The product is perhaps the only one on our list that comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer and therefore we decided to make this as our number one option.

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