10 Best Plasma Cutters For Hobbyists And Professionals

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10 Best Plasma Cutters (6)

Plasma cutters are often used in the manufacturing and the automotive industry to cut quickly & reshape various metal parts. Plasma cutters are often confused with Arc Welders because they have similar working principle but, in reality, are totally different. We have compiled a list of 10 best Plasma cutters that you can buy right now.

10. Hobart 500564(887.76$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (10)

This plasma cutter has a built-in air compressor and produces a much smaller heat affected zone for less warping. The product can easily cut sheet metal and 1/8-inch mild steel.

Available Here

9. Super Deal Plasma Cutter(273.28$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (6)

This product runs on 110/220V with an efficiency of 85%. The affordable plasma cutter has a duty cycle of 65% and can be ideal for someone just starting off with plasma cutting.

Available Here

8. Simadre 50rx 110v/220v(389.99$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (4)

Simadre product is fully compliant to CE & EMC safety regulations and has a duty cycle of 60% at 50A current. A reliable machine that can cut metal sheets up to a thickness of 16mm.

Available Here

7. Forney 302 115V 20A 325P Plasma Cutter(899.9$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (5)

Forney is a reputable brand in welding and plasma cutting equipment, as they have sustained quality on all their products. This plasma cutter has a 15 ft power cable that allows dexterity and can cut up to 3/8″ metal.

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6. Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30(1400$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (8)

One of the premium quality plasma cutters on our list. The device comes with adapter plugs for both 120V and 240V circuits while it can cut any metal from Aluminum to Solid steel. The cutter is primarily portable having a weight of 9.5kgs.

Available Here

5. Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Plasma Cutter(727.26$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (9)

The amp output on this plasma cutter is adjustable between 20-60, therefore, giving you the utmost control over the finish of your products. Single phase 220V machine also comes with three-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you do not have to worry about any defects or faults.

Available Here

4. Klutch Plasma 275i(499.99$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (3)

20Amp Output cutter works on 115V input. The device is easy to use and understand thanks to a host of troubleshooting LED’s installed on the front panel. The cutter comes with 18.5 ft power cable and can cut up to 5/32 in into any metal.

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3. Miller Electric Plasma Cutter Spectrum 375(1470.35$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (2)

Miller Electric are one of the well-reputed suppliers of power tools and this plasma cutter just enhances their reputation. The cutter has no problem cutting 3/8″ steel, and a 20A power outlet is required at a minimum to run the machine.

Available Here

2. 2016 Everlast SuperUltra 205 200a Tig Stick 50a Plasma Cutter (749$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (1)

Everlast product can be used as a Tig welder as well. The product has a high duty cycle of almost 65% and due to a MOSFET inverter, the machine is conserves energy as well.

Available Here

1. LT5000D Lotos LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter (319$)

10 Best Plasma Cutters (7)

The most popular plasma cutter in the market today as it has more than 270 reviews and a rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon.com. The plasma cutter is fitted with PAPST Advanced German Cooling System and can cut up to 1/2″ of any metal.

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