This Wearable Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels In Real-Time

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The advancement of technology has brought a time upon us where humans rely on gadgets even for their survival. These devices perform functions like continuous monitoring of different biological parameters like heart rate, blood glucose level, insulin level, etc. which helps in leading a healthy life. One such device is LibrePro which can monitor human blood glucose levels in real-time. It has been created by a San Fransisco-based startup named Nootrobox.

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Continuous glucose monitors or CGMs have been on the market for years now. CGMs are devices worn under the skin to provide information about the body continuously for weeks. Doctors subscribe these devices to patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The glucose test results are sent to a smart device in real-time and data is collected efficiently and painlessly.

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The device can also serve as a motivational way to meet fitness goals just like a Fitbit as they offer a way to quantify fasting, exercise and sleep experiments. The CGMs are built to be as inconspicuous as a needle prick. However, you can use them only if you are a diabetic patient. Doctors do not subscribe these devices to non-diabetic people.

Source: Business Insider

In pursuit of human enhancement, the team of the biohacking company wears the implants themselves. They even call themselves the ‘bionic humans.’

The CGM  is not the only device on which the company is working. They have a goal to develop a direct-to-consumer line of “smart drugs” with the belief that these drugs can improve cognition with no reliance on conventional methods. The company has created chewable coffee – a pill that boosts clarity, and energy flow.

The team performs several biohacking experiments to develop their intended line of products. Geoffrey Woo, the CEO himself experiments with intermittent fasting of 36 hours straight.

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