Now You Can Test The Quality Of Your Sperms At Home Using This App

YO sperm tester

While men can produce a never-ending supply of sperm, the ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’ matters when it comes to fertility. Usually, quality tests are expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, they cause awkwardness because of the inconvenience of producing the “sample” at the clinic’s stuffy room under pressure.

A new “FDA-approved” device, YO, is here to solve the problem, as it lets you essentially stream your semen’s picture on your smartphone. The device turns your phone into a microscope, which allows you to watch your sperm in real-time and instantly tell how it looks.

The kit will be open for sale starting Tuesday for $50. It is different from your everyday home test kits as YO can measure sperm motility rather than just the sperm count. This means that besides the quantity, you can actually analyze the quality which is the key behind male fertility.

The entire equipment is disposable, and the kit allows you to perform two tests. You need to collect your sample and then place it onto a slide. The slide then goes into the YO clip, which slides over the top of your phone, and the companion app starts the streaming right away.

The results come in two to three minutes, which includes the sperm count along with a mesmerizing video of your sperm. You can also zoom in on your little fellows and watch them float around in high-definition. The video is stored on YO’s database to be retrieved in the future as well.

Brace yourself for the plethora of braggy sperm videos “flooding” your Instagram and Facebook timelines!

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