View New Worlds With This New 360 Degree Cam


This DOKICAM 360 camera system can revolutionise the way your look at the world. Most importantly, it comes with five unique editing modes, all at an incredibly low price!

This baseball-sized camera captures 360-degree videos using its two opposing lenses. Amazingly, each of the lenses can capture 200 degrees of range in the stunning quality of 2880 x 1440 3K resolution.

It is a dream come true for all the adventurists since the camera is shock, water and dust-proof! It also can be used to capture still photos at 4896 x 2448 resolution, making it an ultimate option for all the photography enthusiasts.

[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]
[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]
It provides five editing modes,

  1. Tiny Planet Mode: you can capture al of your surroundings in one compact spherical shot
  2.  VR Mode: You can record the footage and then relive your adventures using a virtual reality headset
  3. Fisheye mode: The common ultra-wide angle using lens distortion
  4. Full 360: A panorama shot including a full 360-degree view
  5. Hemisphere: This mode makes it look as though you are staring into the horizon.[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

The camera has its own app where you can quickly send your footage via WiFi, edit it and upload to social media in no time. The video stitching also occurs in the app, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing!

You can also send it to your PC and edit the video in HD.

This is an intriguing prospect as most of the VR cameras require a lot of post stitching. This camera removes this hassle, thus providing a camera that is both affordable as well as makes shooting professional-grade footage very simple.

For more information and pre-ordering the camera, you can check out DOKICAM’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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