The iPhone 8 Might Be Apple’s Most Expensive Handset Yet

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Excited about the next iPhone? You should be. This one is going to be quite a different beast with innovative design and cutting edge features.

The 5.8-inch phone will come with an edge to edge OLED display and 3-D sensing. What does it smell off? A sky-high price tag. The phone will mark the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone costing well above a staggering $1,000.

Source: iPhone 8 Guide

All traditional flagship phones come with a near $650 price tag, but the new iPhone can not settle for that. While the price is going to be the highest until now, the iPhone 7 Plus has been close costing $1,000 with tax. It will have most of the features expected of the iPhone 8 like a dual-camera system. The high price is mostly being associated with the 3-D sensing technology.

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Some reports suggest that Apple will also be removing the physical home button, replacing it with a fingerprint sensor. In addition, the volume buttons on the sides may also be substituted by touch-sensitive inlays.

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If the entry price is above a $1,000 plus tax, then the next versions of the same will come with a couple hundred extra bucks. You might end up paying more for your iPhone than you did for your MacBook.

The iPhone 7 256GB version that cost $849 was not much far in price but the iPhone 7 sold out within three months of its release, and the iPhone 8 is expected to do the same even with the high price.

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The phone is supposed to release in September, but it is not really known yet if the phone will be named iPhone 8 or iPhone X. We are looking forward to the release as much as you are.

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