10 Clever Uses For Your Old Smartphone Instead Of Throwing It Away

Every day, we carry a pocket-sized supercomputer that handles tasks from checking the weather to capturing photos and analyzing data. While smartphones offer immense utility, the constant release of newer models makes it tempting to upgrade frequently. However, this leaves us with older devices that still have potential.

Instead of discarding or storing them away, consider repurposing them. While selling or trading them is an option, if you decide to retain them, they can still be useful, especially if they can connect to Wi-Fi. Here are various inventive ways to rejuvenate your old smartphone.

1. DIY Security Camera: Convert your old phone into a home security camera using apps like AlfredCamera. Mount it where needed and use your current phone to monitor the feed remotely.

2. Give It to the Kids: Repurpose your old device for kids’ use. Connect it to Wi-Fi for basic functionalities like taking pictures, browsing, and gaming.

3. Mobile Gaming System: Dedicate your old smartphone to gaming. Download games and utilize game streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming or Steam Link.

4. Video Chat Device: Use your old phone exclusively for video calls, freeing up your primary phone for other tasks.

5. Wireless Webcam: Transform your old phone into a webcam for your computer using apps like DroidCam or EpocCam.

6. Cheap Alarm Clock: Utilize your old phone as an alarm clock, benefiting from its large display. Keep your main phone away from the bedside to reduce screen time.

7. Backup TV Remote: Replace lost or malfunctioning remotes for media streaming devices with your old phone by downloading the respective apps.

8. Alternative E-Book Reader: Use your old phone to read e-books and comics by downloading reading apps like Amazon Kindle or Webtoon.

9. Video Streamer: Repurpose your old device as a dedicated video streamer, music player, or podcast listener, connected to Bluetooth speakers or earbuds.

10. Emergency 911 Phone: Keep your old phone as an emergency device capable of making 911 calls, even without an active SIM card or data plan.

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