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Watch What Happens When You Shoot A Laser On World’s Blackest Black And Whitest White

The Action Lab is a YouTube show that carries out some really amazing experiments for its audiences. The vide that we are focusing on today deals with the blackest black (Black 3.0) and the whitest white (Spectralon).

The host of the show first explains what is white. He takes his audience through the true definition of white actually. The experiment is about The Action Lab testing the blackest black and the whitest white by making use of a high-powered laser.

Anyway, coming back to the definition of white; it is white because it is capable of reflecting all of the wavelengths of light that are being thrown at it equally. This means that regardless of the incoming angle of a ray of light, you will be getting a lot of light coming out of the white from every direction.

The YouTube user, The Action Lab, makes use of Spectralon for the experiment. Spectralon, for those who don’t know, can reflect more than 99% of the light that falls on it. That is why is it is so white – or the whitest white. In the video, the YouTuber can be seen comparing it to other whites and testing it by reflecting different colored lights on it. It can be seen that the Spectralon is actually whiter than other whites.

Upon shining differently colored lights, it can be observed that the Spectralon takes on the same color of the light. Then the YouTube user focuses on Black 3.0 – the blackest black on Earth. He places them both together and then tests them by using a high-powered laser. The Black 3.0 starts burning right away, whereas the Spectralon doesn’t burn at all.

According to the YouTube user, the Spectralon doesn’t even show any sign of getting heat even when it is being bombarded using a high-powered laser. This is because 99% of the light falling on it is being diffused off by the Spectralon. The Action Lab is ‘a channel dedicated to performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask!‘ Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!