Guy Turns On Light In A Room Painted With World’s Blackest Paint

As they struggle to create the blackest, the most matte paint in the known world, YouTubers are trying the new super black paint variants on all sorts of things.

The popular YouTube channel The Action Lab has done multiple videos using black paints. In the video, he states that every time he utilized one, somebody else created an even blacker paint that absorbs more light.

After receiving lots of comments where followers suggested he should paint a whole room with the world’s blackest paint, he went forward to do just that.

In the following video, he paints a complete room he built for this experiment with Musou Black. Then he switches on the light to observe how it appears when the walls surrounding him absorb over 99% of the light in the room.

The end-result, specifically the way the light converts when he walks around in the room and how it appears when the room’s door is open, is quite amazing. He compares the experience to what being present in space where you are only illuminated directly from the light source must be similar.

If you like illusions, you are most likely to be amused by the one below.

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