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Make A Magical Knife Hanger For Your Kitchen In A Few Steps

You need the counter in kitchen, whether you are in there cooking or you are just hanging out in the kitchen. Everybody needs the counter in kitchen. This is why your counter needs to be cleared of stuff that it can be cleared of. One of the space-taking items on the counter is a set of knives. So, what do you do with them? You hang them on the wall of course.

You’ll need to get a nice piece of wood first, just like this olive slab.

You will also require wood glue, very strong magnets and a fancy drill.

You will need to mark the locations that you’ll be drilling the blind holes in the back of the plank.

You need to ascertain the magnetic strength of magnet against the largest knife that you have to check out if more holes need to be drilled.

After drilling the holes, secure the magnets using wood glue.

Now you’ll need a hidden mounting hardware.

Mount the assembly on the wall and then stick the cutlery up on it!

Now you have one less thing to clutter the counter space.