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Group Of Friends Bought An Old School Bus On Auction. What They Did With It Will Amaze You

Our guess is that like all the other students, you also took one of the more traditional options once you graduated hanging around the pool, going on a trip to gain that well spent energy or diving right into work. However, these graduates decided to do something far more fun and rewarding. Check out what they did below and let us know what you think of it.

When you take a look, they do look like regular kids.

But what they have done is quite amazing.

The bus was pretty run-down on the inside.

So they did a bit of brainstorming and came up with some brilliant plans.

They began by adding plywood and runners to insulate the bus from road heat and sound.

Afterwards came the rough framework for the hangout space and kitchen.

The benches were added as well.

Electrical installations were made.

Bunk beds for eight were added to the mix.

It has started to look like a real RV now, right?

Elemental designs were added that included Mod Podge mural of Yellowstone.

Now all that was left was a good enough paint job and work began with a white primer.

A blue coat was imparted later on.

After all was said and done.

Every nook and corner was utilized quite efficiently.

The couches feature hidden storage.

Also pull-out components!

The bunk area has been imparted quite a privacy.

You’ll never be able to guess that this was once just a school bus.