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Artist Uses Cardboard To Create Life-Sized Replica Of Israeli Merkava MK4 Battle Tank

This year’s Hobby Expo China (HEC) International Model Expo in Beijing was special in its own way. The show was stolen by a team of Chinese cardboard modelling experts. The team of cardboard experts created a 1:1 cardboard replica of the Merkava MK4 Israeli battle tank.

The photos of this amazing masterpiece of cardboard modelling have become the new sensation on the Internet. They have been doing rounds on the Chinese social media for over five days now where they have garnered the admiration of millions in the Asian country.

What saddens us is that there is not much information available online for this amazing feat. The only information that is available is the fact that it is a 1:1 model of the Merkava MK4 and has been made using more than 5,000 cardboard parts and weighs around a ton.

We are not really experts when it comes to cardboard modelling; however the team behind this project must have begun by designing and then printing all of the parts on the sheets of corrugated cardboard. Once they had done this, they would have spent days – a lot of them – on putting the pieces together. Even the complex tank tracks have been crafted using only cardboard in collaboration with interlocking tubes.

According to reports, this life-size replica of Merkava MK4 tank that was crafted using only cardboard took only 48 days to complete. So a little over a month, not much, right? So, do you have any hobby or skill that you want to share? If yes, feel free to reach out to us and tell us all about your skill. Meanwhile, check out the cardboard modelling experts fully immersed in their project and the final product as well below. Sure looks mesmerizing, right? Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members!