Couple Turn An Old School Bus Into A Modern Home On Wheels That Runs On Solar Energy


Being a digital nomad is the new trend, with people turning school buses and trucks into modern homes on wheels. And even beyond just homes, automobiles are increasingly being turned into fully functional offices, with the first example seen with the all-electric Nissan van cum office.

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Now the same concept is being used by an Arkansas couple Zack and Annie who took a former school bus and turned it into an ultra-modern solar-powered mobile home on wheels.

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The bus not only allows them the freedom of enjoying the luxury of home while traveling but also saves them the grind of the 9 to 5 job life. Zack uses the school bus cum home as his office for his job as a web developer, thus working remotely from anywhere in the country.

“We began the overwhelming process of trying to figure out what vehicle we wanted and which one would best suit our needs,” the couple wrote on their blog.

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“Going through this process is probably the most crucial part of starting into this lifestyle. Picking the wrong vehicle could make for a miserable experience. We narrowed down our choices and finally made a decision. A 2001 Thomas HDX school bus.”

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After Zack landed his job as a web developer, the couple decided to sell off their more traditional house and use a school bus as a full-fledged home on wheels. The bus home entails a standing workspace, kitchen, king-sized bed, bathroom and lots of storage space. The couple calls their home “Stormy,” and records all their travels and adventures on their Instagram page and website.

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